ProPresenter 7.13.2 With Crack Download 2023

ProPresenter 7.13.2 Crack & Serial Key Free 2023

ProPresenter Crack is a potent multimedia presentation tool created especially for live events like churches and conferences. The ProPresenter enables users to seamlessly develop and deliver spectacular presentations that engage and fascinate audiences thanks to its straightforward UI and rich feature set. ProPresenter offers a variety of features and customization choices to take your presentations to the next level, whether you’re displaying slides, videos, or lyrics.

ProPresenter’s capacity to effortlessly interface with diverse media sources is one of its most notable capabilities. ProPresenter enables you to easily combine all these features and operate them from a single interface, whether working with video files, live camera feeds, or online streaming platforms. Because of this, it is the perfect option for churches and event planners who need to handle intricate multimedia installations and guarantee a positive presentation experience.

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Additionally, ProPresenter provides robust features for team collaboration, making it simple for groups to organize and manage presentations. ProPresenter enables teams to interact in real-time, optimize workflows, and guarantee consistency across presentations with features like cloud-based file sharing, multi-user editing, and version control. Time and effort are saved by using a collaborative approach, especially when several team members are involved in the planning and delivering presentations.

The adaptability of ProPresenter is one of its main advantages. It is compatible with various media forms, including PDF documents, audio, video, and photos. Users can incorporate a variety of content kinds into their presentations because of this versatility, giving the audience a dynamic and interesting experience. Furthermore, ProPresenter provides sophisticated tools like layering and masking that let users build aesthetically spectacular effects and smoothly switch between various video pieces.

ProPresenter offers robust stage display capabilities, going above and beyond conventional presentation software. It gives speakers and performers cues, timers, and notes while allowing presenters to customize and manage the content displayed on stage monitors. This function is especially helpful for live events, where timing and coordination are essential. The stage display feature in ProPresenter ensures everyone on stage is on the same page, improving the presentation’s overall caliber and professionalism.

ProPresenter Key Features:

Today we will discuss the features of ProPresenter, and later on, we will discuss the changes they have made in the latest version of the software.

Creating and Editing:

  • You can generate or edit slides as rapidly using the user-friendly importing tool as you can when working in Word. You can include various components, including shapes, messages, pictures, movies, gradients, and transitions.

Hot Folders:

  • ProPresenter 7.5 instantly displays the material you’ve added when you swiftly import the content.


  • Your presentations can look more convincing with Themes because propresenter 7.13.0 supports a variety of built-in Themes.

Mobile Integration:

  • With the Mobile tool, you may use an iOS or Android-based remote to operate the ProPresenter 7 torrent from any location within the structure.


  • You may take your content everywhere because ProPresenter 7 supports PNGs, JEaPGs, or text files.

Direct Streaming:

  • You can stream directly to Facebook or YouTube from within ProPresenter without paying any additional fees.

Integration with Other Formats:

  • Thanks to the integrated Siphon support, You can dynamically share your pro presenter’s output with other applications. Similarly, you can benefit from RenewedVision’s PVP integration by streaming your local videos or letting the PVP graphics engine make recommendations. The program supports industry-accepted production processes to give your work a polished appearance.

Keep Track of Time:

  • To keep the audience interested, you can make a counter to deploy before a major event. You can employ several stylistic options to make your timer look more attractive.

Organize Everything:

  • You can arrange the project’s media to make working with it more pleasant.


  • Network Device Interface is known as NDI and is Serial Digital Interface. Through propresenter free, you can send your video over ethernet (NDI) or coaxial cable (SDI).

Key Features:

Multimedia Integration: 

  • Videos, photos, audio, and live camera feeds may seamlessly be included in ProPresenter presentations. It allows you to easily include various content pieces in your presentations and supports various media formats.

Live Output and Stage Display:

  • ProPresenter has strong stage display capabilities that let you control and personalize the information on-stage monitors. This function’s cues, timers, and notes help speakers and performers during live events.

Slide Templates and Customization:

  • ProPresenter offers a variety of pre-designed slide themes and layouts to simplify the development process. Additionally, it offers a wide range of customization possibilities, allowing you to create bespoke slides with backgrounds, fonts, colors, and graphics that match your company’s identity or the topic of your event.

Collaboration and Multi-user Editing:

  • By enabling many users to work on presentations concurrently, ProPresenter promotes teamwork. It provides cloud-based tools for real-time editing, version control, and file sharing, making it simple for teams to work together and maintain consistency throughout presentations.

Powerful Media Management:

  • ProPresenter provides a comprehensive media library to aid in effectively managing and organizing your media assets. You can swiftly search for information, classify and categorize media files, and access and reuse previously used media components.

Advanced Video Editing and Effects:

  • Advanced video editing features in ProPresenter let you produce visually spectacular effects and smoothly switch between various media pieces. These features include layering and masking.

Scripture Integration:

  • It enables you to exhibit Bible verses, paragraphs, and chapters within your presentations and supports several Bible translations.

Mobile Remote Control:

  • You may remotely control presentations from your smartphone or tablet with the pro presenter’s mobile apps. You can use this functionality to explore slides, manage media playing, and initiate cues from any location inside the venue.

Playback Scheduling and Planning:

  • You may organize and organize your presentations in advance using ProPresenter. You can specify a specified replay time for each slide, video, or presentation, ensuring that your information is shown appropriately.

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What’s New ProPresenter?

  • set and improve software startup time duration
  • Fix bugs and all errors that damage the direction ESC key to
  • For Resi users, add a new logout function
  • pro presenter price is very good

System Requirements:

  • propresenter 7 cost supports MacOS 10.14 (or newer versions), Windows-10 (version 1809 build 17763 or newer), Windows-8.1/8 (32 and 64-bit), Windows-Vista/7 (32 and 64-bit), and Windows XP (32-bit).
  • The ProPresenter requires a MacBook and Windows Machine with Intel i7 or i9 (or equivalent) Processor (or better) to have a 4K display.
  • However, for HD display (1080i, 720P), you can use MacBook versions since 2015 have an i3 Processor, and the same goes for Windows.
  • It requires 16GB of RAM for a 4K display support, but for HD (1080i, 720P) display, you can use a RAM of 8GB.
  • propresenter cost requires a dedicated GPU with a VRAM of 4GB.
  • The software requires continuous internet access for installing, registering, and updating it.

How To Download Propresenter?

  • Visit the Renewed Vision official website. To discover it, type “ProPresenter Renewed Vision” in your favorite search engine.
  • Go to the ProPresenter area or the page where you can download ProPresenter once you’ve arrived at the Renewed Vision website.
    Depending on your operating system (for example, Windows or macOS), you’ll often see different options on the download page. Select the system-appropriate version.
  • For the chosen version, click the download button. Your browser’s settings will determine whether the download begins immediately or whether you are asked where you want to save the file on your computer.
  • Hold off until the download is finished. It could take a while, depending on your internet connection speed and the file size.
  • Find the downloaded file on your computer after the download is complete. It frequently resides in the “Downloads” folder by default, but it might be elsewhere, depending on your browser settings.
  • To begin the installation procedure, double-click the downloaded file.
  • The installer’s on-screen instructions should be followed. The software license agreement must be accepted, the installation location must be chosen, and any further preferences or settings must be made.
  • You should have ProPresenter installed on your PC once the installation is finished. You can start using the application after it has been launched.


Q1: Is ProPresenter free to use?
Free Forever
With ProPresenter, editing your presentation and exporting edited presentations to other devices is free, forever. No license, registration, or payment info is required. Start editing your presentations today by downloading ProPresenter for free.
Q2: How much does ProPresenter cost?
ProPresenter starts at $399 for an indefinitely single-seat license and includes 1 year of ProPresenter+ (maintenance plan for feature and improvement updates and access to customer support).

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